Christy is deeply moved to support well-being for all beings on this beautiful planet. Christy’s unique journey has provided a tapestry of depth, color, texture, and life experience that has paved the way for her to see beyond the story and connect with your heart. 

Through her own healing journey and multidisciplinary approach, Christy is able to safely guide others into the transformation of self-healing. Together, each session will uproot and resolve the emotions, beliefs, or factors that are contributing to a specific imbalance of mind-body. 

The intention Christy holds is for your empowered awareness and personal healing insights to benefit all levels of your consciousness for continued well-being. 

“Everyone who meets Christy feels an immediate connection and knows that they are seen and heard.” – Cindy C. 

“The genuine compassion and curiosity Christy exudes for everyone she meets is refreshing and rare.” – Julie R.

“Christy is the type of person that naturally and genuinely brings out the best in others, and desires others to shine.” – Kelley H.