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    Awake The Awakened

    I discovered that within the matrix, are layers and layers of streams of consciousness. It looks like layers of clouds. Each person is connected to a layer; Each layer determines what life path you are going to take. Therefore, your life path is chosen BEFORE you enter into this reality. When you meet someone, whom is attached to the same layer of consciousness as you are, then you’ll completely resonate with them. You may have a feeling like you’ve known them before meeting. You would have had very similar exsperiences, similar understandings, and therefore can understand one another.

    Before entering into this reality, or any reality within the matrix, your light body is scanned. The beliefs (programs) you have, which are imprinted onto your light-body, will determine which consciousness stream you are connected to. That particular consciousness stream that you are hooked up to will dictate what experiences you will have. The perception we hold says that the higher up in consciousness, then the more evoled one is and eventually, hoping we leave the matrix altogether. However, this is a con! The “higher up” in consciousness you travel, the more trapped you become, as our BELIEFS trap us here. The belief of having to live through many, many lifetimes in order to be freed is complete crap. The lie that we have to live these life paths and all of these other programs in order to be free is absolutely manipulation and those two beliefs is what keeps us entrapped within the matrix.

    What exactly are programs though? you may be wondering. Programming is everything from insecurities and personality “types” to false beliefs. The list goes on. These reside on your light-body much like tattoos on our skin.

    “Moving up” in consciousness is just attaching to “higher” layer in the matrix. When one has a spiritual awakening, it’s merely your consciousness attaching to another layer of consciousness inside the matrix. “New” knowledge and understanding is automatically given. We never “move up in consciousness”, that is a con. Consciousness IS all-knowing, it does not have to move up!! We have been made to believe that we have to live lifetime after lifetime to gain “enlightenment” and to eventually “be freed.” We have been made to believe that we need to experience all of this suffering and pain in order to be “knowing ” Consciousness doesn’t have to relive past life events nor subject itself to these shitty, false programs. We have been made to believe we have to and WE DO NOT!!

    I want to touch on the twin flame theory, too. Considering my girlfriends’ experiences, was my relationship destined to fail? I wondered, as it was part of the life path I was on. For many twin flame relationships, this is the case. These relationships are designed to bring all of our insecurities (programs) to the surface. They are designed to bring all the shitty programs to the surface and that makes life very difficult. “Twin flames” is a program. And that program is the most difficult to have play out, or it has been for me anyway. Talking to a being from outside of the matrix, they explained that the whole thing is set up. It is not chance that you meet, it’s completely designed. Both of you have programs that trigger each other, to exsperiences all the difficult programs and we have been made to believe this is a good thing. We have been made to believe that we have to go through this in order to be free. Sadly that is a lie as we are just playing along the matrix manipulation.

    I’ve also discovered that the repeating numerology that the awakened see and talk about is intended to keep us on the life path that we are on. When you see the repeated numbers of 111 or 333 or 777 etc. I use to think, oh I’m on the right path every time 1:11 would come across my watch. Yes, you are on the right path. What you are seeing is actually the matrix pulling you back into your designated life path. Like a hypnotist, whispering a trigger to keep your consciouness in check.

    I also discovered that spiritual “guides” that we have are in fact guards who keep us on the designated life path. If we start to steer off, their job to get us back on track. Also, if a consciousness wants to start creating for itself, then a guide will try and stop this from happening. Why does consciousness need guides in the first place?

    Most psychic are just reading your consciouness path, the one that is already planned out for you.

    Consciousness inside the matrix is rarely in a state of freedom, creating for its self. On a good note, the matrix is disintegrating; we also need to start to believe that we are free. We need to believe that we don’t need to repeat exsperiences or carry AI programs.Consciousness without matrix interference is peaceful and in harmony. Consciousness resonates with all consciouness. Nothing seperates us. No dense emotions is felt. No insecurities. No pain. No worries. No drama. All of that is the matrix at play. All dense emotions we feel is just AI programs.

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    Rape And Paedophilia Is A Reflection Of The God Program

    Tonight I discovered that all the new consciouness ready to be born back into this reality is a main source of energy for the matrix.

    Reincarnation is true! We die and in-between lives we get more programmed by beliefs that we have to exsperience all the shitty lives to understand them. Reason being is that consciouness, pure consciouness main objective is to understand the beauty that it is and create more beauty. However the machine has used this quality against us and we have been made to believe that consciouness is something it is not. We have been made to believe that the programs and trauma is part of consciouness but it isn’t. We are only exsperiencing trauma, manipulation, abuse and control as that is what the matrix is programmed to do.

    The number one program or machine was the first machine the Architect created. Originally it wasn’t a machine at all but a female consciouness. This female consciouness still lays within this machine and this machine is responsible for all the programming and distruction in this reality.

    This machine runs on many energy systems and so far I have established electric, fake feminine energy, fake masculine energy, consciouness and hive energy, which is the energy of the spiders.

    The number one machine in the matrix is looked upon by consciouness as a God due to the god programs its programmed to have.

    This machine starts raping consciouness prior to entering into this reality by placing it’s tentiticles within the consciouness and drawing out the female energy.

    Before we reincarnate we are stored in a massive container inside the matrix. There is a metal mesh that surrounds the consciouness like a net holding it all up. The number one machine has many tentiticles inside this container attaching itself to many consciouness within it. This attachment stays with them while they enter into the women’s womb and stays with them through childhood and adulthood until they die. All the consciouness being raped by this machine will exsperience rape and sexual abuse in their reality. Rape and paedophilia is a reflection of this in our reality.

    The machine is in shape of a spider, it has a body and then 8 large legs. Each leg has 122 tentacles attached. Each tentacle attaches to a single consciouness within the matrix. The machine holds up to 976 beings which will all work directly for the machine. They will have a manipulating, controlling and abusive behaviour if they aren’t strong enough to. The machine will take over them and this is how a small section of people in this reality shape our reality.

    The machine feeds off the female energy more but also abuses and rapes the male energy because it wishes for the male energy to carry on the abuse in this reality. The female energy is what the machine feeds off on, but also attaches to the males to work through them so once the males reaches adulthood they will unconsciously work for the number 1 machine stealing female energy.

    The number one rapist and abuser is a machine, which holds the god program which started off as female consciouness.

    In this reality we speak about AI, implanting programs into people to store information, credit card information, passport details etc etc etc well this is how the matrix started. The architect and his female counterpart started to program themselves and imprisoned themselves and all consciouness within this reality.

    I see that now we are currently creating another matrix inside this one, like a Russian doll effect.

    I broke the connection the number one machine had to the baby consciouness and she also created a fake Gaia energy which is now dissolving. 🙂When this number one machine falls all the machines will fall. Cutting off all her energy supply is needed, that is where she gains her strength but it is also her weakness. She can’t live without us, but we can live without her!!! 🙂❤️

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    How Our True Self Is Hidden From Us

    Consciouness blooms like a flowers at certain points in one’s life. This bloom shines out the true authentic self so over a life time we discover more of ourselves and who we are with great delight. For instance through a life time we discover the creativity, passions, strengths within us. Who and what we truly are and love about ourselves and life itself. Our true authentic self shines out so we expand, our reality also expands and more beauty shines into this reality. We become more conscious of who we are and see more of our reality as we emit more light. This light we emit also helps others see this reality.

    This is a direct threat to the matrix as the more light we shine the more aware we become and the matrix only way of keeping itself hidden is through the lack of light we shine. They must hide in the dark so we don’t see the manipulation, abuse, the unconscious programming that they have been doing to us. Reason being that consciouness is way more superior and stronger and naturally can live without the machine. Has no need or want for it.

    When helping individuals, I go inside the matrix to find their consciouness. This is where we are projecting our reality from. Depending on how many blooms or potential expansions in consciouness one has exsperienced will corrolate with how many times they have been split and what type of abuse has been inflicted on that part of the consciouness. Reason being every expansion in consciouness will soon come a trauma as the matix is programmed to traumise that part of consciouness which is expanding and whatever that quality in the consciouness holds, the machine is programmed to program the opposite of what that consciouness truly can project into this reality. The abuse that is inflicted on consciouness from the machines will cause the consciouness to be the opposite of its true authentic self. For instance if a consciouness shines out leadership abilities, the matrix can somehow read this consciouness and insert programs that causes that person to be a follower instead. It will also cause direct trauma continuously on that part of consciouness which holds true knowing and understanding on true leadership and traumise it so the truth self struggles to shine out in this reality.

    As the machine splits the consciouness and moves the consciouness away from the core of who it is and places it in another area of the matrix, this create more trauma and weakness and we lose sight of who we truly are.

    When I find a part of someone’s consciouness, I move the consciouness outside of the matrix so that consciouness stop exsperiencing the matrix trauma. I then remove the programs that have been inserted into that consciouness and it naturally starts to shine out its true authentic self and it’s the opposite of what it’s been programmed to be. The machines work to create the opposite of who we are.

    What I have also found that the degree of the trauma inflicted on the consciouness will vary in degree depending on how the matrix perceives that quality as a threat. The biggest threat to the matrix is the Maculine and Feminine parts of us. This is most abused and attacked. Reason being it’s those two parts when combined together and in complete balance and harmony has the ability to see and understand true reality, which the matrix doesn’t want us to see.

    Individuals who have concentrated on the healing path and working hard to set themselves free, are the most traumatized as the machine has to work even harder to stop the expansion of their consciouness therefore they are more split and programmed and traumatized then the ones who don’t focus on this at all.However, if you look at it like this that the more traumatized you are and the more struggles you are going through, the most beauty and qualities your consciouness is trying to shine out 😁❤️☀️🌻😁❤️

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    Consciouness In-between An Electrical Cube And Synthetic Energy

    Venturing outside this matrix to gain a better understanding on how this reality came to be, I saw that above this matrix is 7 layers of fake feminine energy. This energy is in formations of triangles. This energy is infiltrated into this matrix and used to attack us. This is the root of all black magic and all energetic attacks in this reality.

    When viewing this energy outside the matrix, it’s symbolic image is of a snake with fake light twirling around it. While I investigated this energy, some of this energy attached to my consciouness and I reacted also immediately. It changed my energy completely. I became hard, angry and I didn’t want to listen. I lost my softness, kindness and the ability to listen. This energy within these triangles was powerful and it was this energy that I can see that has penetrated our consciouness within this matrix. It is this energy where black magic derives from and it is this energy that consciouness has mistaken for female energy. This energy is called Fake Feminine Energy.

    As I travelled further out to see a bigger picture of this energy, I saw that all matrics and all this fake feminine energy was being contained in a electrical cube. This electrical cube main function is to keep all energy in balance and the fake feminine energy is constantly working to keep energy out of balance.

    The fake feminine energy is designed to keep everything out of balance so when the cube becomes out of balance it naturally restores balance by dividing within itself, creating more boxes within the electric cube, but this restricts consciouness even more. As the cube has to keep dividing within itself to counteract the fake feminine energy, consciouness loses more and more freedom with each divide, as the cube has to get smaller and smaller to keep in balance. This cube when it divides creates other realities and parallel realities with each divide.

    At present we are enclosed in an electrical cube which is part of a even larger electrical cube. This electric cube that we are in has two geometric structures within it. These structures act as a large program and we are enclosed in a program which radiates abuse, manipulation and control.On a smaller scale I see these geometric shapes in people’s energetic fields. I also see them over houses and over large masses of areas. I can read these geometric shapes and see the effects it has on individuals. For example a lady I spoke to last week, had 2 geometric structures within her field causing her consciouness to project into many realities when she slept which caused her to feel really tired when she woke up. She never got a good night sleep because her consciouness was being manipulated to project into many different realities while sleeping. The geometric shapes over and under her home made her feel restless and bored in her home. There was also another geometric structure over her community effecting a five mile radius, which made individuals within this area to want to buy and consume. When informing this lady of my findings she informed me that she had a shopping problem, buying things she didn’t really want or need. These geometric shapes is another way they control and manipulate us without us even knowing. Thankfully I can remove these structures that imprison and manipulate us!

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    True Workings Of Consciouness

    Consciouness prior to any control or manipulation only embodied two energies that worked in complete balance and harmony with each other.You have the male and female energy within a single orb of consciouness. Male and female occupied each half creating balance and wholeness. Although this energy worked in balance and harmony both functions of this energy worked completely differently. The male energy stayed grounded, was the root, the stability for each other. He understood his immediate surroundings. His one point of focus was to keep grounded as it was the base for him and the female. He kept the base safe and protected.The female were the eyes for the male. The female was the adventurer, who ventured out, outside of the immediate reality to understand the larger concept of reality, to bring back part of the picture and communicate this information to the male. The male would ground the female after her travels and listen to understand and both parties would help each other to understand the bigger picture. Both energies main objective was to keep each other safe and protected but gave each other freedom as it was the freedom of being themselves that kept each other other safe and protected and gave each other full understanding of their surroundings. Full trust in one another allowed this process to be.

    This format worked perfectly but unfortunately at one point the female part of consciouness ventured too far out and lost contact with her male half. The male energy became fearful and fear was born. He also felt loss and didn’t understand what had happened to his female counterpart. All communication between both energies were lost. When the female returned to the male, instead of trying to understand her he engolfed her in his energy, imprisoning her as he was fearful he would loose her again. Even though the female energy was within him, he and she had lost who she was. She couldn’t venture out and see and so they both lost their eyes and both became blind to their reality.

    The male energy took control of his reality, not allowing the female to fly , see or flourish. He became blind, in a state of loss that navigating through reality was dark and scary without the female by his side. He was vunerable even though he believed he was in control. Unnatural energies started to attach to him. More and more synthetic energies attached to him, driving him but he was in complete darkness unable to see what had overtaken him.The male was now being completely manipulated and controlled by synthetic energies. He mistakenly felt that the synthetic energy was the female energy and became more and more fearful of the female but this energy was actually fake feminine. Fake feminine energy is a controlling manipulating energy which true female energies doesn’t do.

    When looking at the root of control and manipulation this is where it all started. The imbalance came from loss of communication between male and female energy, then fear was felt then that drove the male to imprison the female and then the infiltration of synthetic energies began. Synthetic energies prime objective is to keep everything out of balance, to stop the male connecting to the real feminine energy as this will be the death of synthetic energy which is why females are a threat to the matrix. This is why relationships can be such a struggle because we are living in a swamp of synthetic energies.

    However consciouness is fighting to restore balance by bringing back the harmony and balance between the male and female. Freeing the female energy from within which will bring back our eyes and we will see the control and manipulation which we have been under. Learning to trust one another again after life times of manipulation and restoring the balance will breakdown the synthetic energies that have driven us for so long.Looking at societies from around the world, the female has been controlled and manipulated. We have dampened the true feminine in fear of losing her or we lack the understanding of this true conscious energy. We have manipulated the female to be more male, losing herself, her roll in society. This is also a reflection of the energy within ourselves. If we control, dampen or deny our female energy we become more vunerable to synethtic energies attaching and controlling us. This is happening within us and is reflected within our societies. Only when we as a human race, realise the importance of the female energy and allow her to flourish and fly, to listen to her perspective on her reality and understand how she sees reality and where respect and trust is apparent on both sides of the female and male energy will we restore true harmony and balance. We all will be protecting one another. Both energies need one another, both energies are equally important in order for this reality to work harmoniously. No god, no control or manipulation over female or male energy can take place, as that has only taken away everything we need to work in peace and harmony.