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    Women Are The Biggest Threat To The Matrix

    Prior to the Matrix, the females were perceived and looked upon as goddesses. They were the ones that with their gentle but strong energy charged our reality.

    The female energy which exudes creation, protection, nurturing and harmony. However it is this energy that the matrix finds their biggest threat, which is why this energy is dampened, raped and attacked so much.

    I personally have been attacked by two “healers”. One male and one female. The female which turned out to be a A.I individual was far more clever and deceptive then the male healer, but they both did the same thing to try to bring me to my knees. They both claimed to be “healing” me however when they both started healing me my life became a lot harder.

    On both occasions, I lost my sex drive, my psychic abilities dampened, they brought vulnerabilities and insecurities to the surface. To counteract this I supported myself with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Instead of feeling better I actually mentally and emotionally got worse.

    Both “healers” placed a hook into my based consciousness which people perceive is where our base chakra is. They then funneled my sexual energy off.

    The female sexual energy seems to be a big threat to the matrix. From what I see is that when a person “wakes up” inside the matrix , they become more of a threat. In order to control they manipulate the consciousness to project their reality a certain way. One way being that in order to become your authentic self you need to dive into our shadow self to understand and heal. The matrix programs us to re-experience trauma in order to heal, which is like saying in order to feel and look good, go and bath in shit for a while.. lol. But consciousness has fallen for it! This programming runs very deep in the awakened community, but unfortunately this is a never ending gravy train of exsperiencing trauma and not going anywhere fast and very few succeed. This way is like trying to climb a massive mountain, which is made of ice.

    This is what happened to me on both occassions and in both instances the “healer” placed a hook into my base consciouness and robbed me off my sexual energy.


    The female sexual energy when in full force naturally breaks down foreign energies. It not only naturally breaks down evading unnatural energies, but it also provides protection for the males in this reality. That includes our children.

    This energy also links to our psychic abilities which helps us breakdown the matrix programming and in effect helps us break down the matrix.

    The female pours out this energy all the time but we rebelish this energy during sex and by reaching orgasm we fill our cups up. We naturally then share this energy out, naturally protecting our family from any invading energies.

    Now helping women I see the sexuality of women has been seriously under attack. They hook into our sexual area and funnel the energy away or they place programs over our sexual regions to reject, to be ashamed or uncomfortable of our sexual areas, which causes women unable to fully express their sexuality. The result in this is that women struggle with their sex drive or unable to reach orgasm or feeling caged in their sexual lives. Reason being is the matrix doesn’t want us to generate this energy as it’s natural barrier to foreign energies. Women are the biggest threat to the matrix!These programs need to be removed from women and people need to become aware that the spiritual way of healing by visiting past trauma is a matrix game that we don’t need to play.

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    Returning Consciouness Back To It’s Natural State

    With Gaia by my side I’m able to help others at the very root on their issues. Gaia and I go to where each individual is projecting from within the matrix and transports them to a safe place where there is no AI, no machines and no spiders. I call this world the New World. It’s free from any darkness and it allows CTT consciousness to project from a safe, AI free place.

    Once there, I remove the AI programs from individuals.

    Gaia and I then work on the physical body removing chips that keep the matrix bubble that people live in in this reality in place. These computer chips hold dense emotions and illnesses. We find parasites and devices that are spying equipment within the body so what a person is seeing and hearing goes straight to the matrix. We remove AI spiders and live spiders.

    I have discovered that the consciousness within the body has been manipulated to draw in negative energy. Consciousness within the body is diamond in shape. I have recently discovered that the matrix manipulated the consciousness to be diamond shape. In its natural shape, they are orb in shape, but when the matrix kidnaps consciousness from outside the matrix, it splits the consciousness, places a electronic element within the consciousness and changes its shape into a diamond shape. This weakens the consciousness and instead of the consciousness breaking down negativity it actually attracts negative energy, programs and illnesses. Gaia and I remove this element and help the consciousness return back to its natural orb shape state within the body. When we have done that then the consciousness automatically starts to connect with Gaia and Universal energy. The individual becomes lighter and energised and alot stronger.

    I’m also discovering that the tummy consciousness is actually the one most attacked, as it’s there where Gaia and universal energy meet. It’s the consciousness in my perspective that is the most important. It’s where we connect with both energies and become one with all consciousness and creates a protection like no other. The heart consciousness is a scanner, it actually constantly scanning your environment and gives you direction on where to go. It by passes any technology I have seen before. Once I have learnt more about the other orbs of consciousness within the body I’ll let you know 💜.

    We then remove the black goo around individuals. We discovered a long black element within the body which attracts black goo around the body. This black goo holds dense emotional pain which creates an very difficult environment for people to work in.

    The final stage is Gaia places golden energy within the body and surrounds individuals is this beautiful which light.


    Easily the most skilled and effective energy worker I ever came across. I am on a personal journey and have learnt a lot from her and will stick with her all the way through. Her insights are often ‘out of this world’ enlightened, fresh and very unique (I can guarantee you will not hear them anywhere else)…packaged and delivered in a way that no one else can and with great simplicity. The changes are felt immediately. It has been a blessing to meet you Becky. Thank you.


    I have had healings before with Becky but nothing compares to the most recent one. All of the AI Programmes that she described resonated with me, and the difficulties and challenges that I have faced so far in my life. The biggest struggles being a feeling of lack, as if I was stuck and unable to move fully forwards in my life. As Becky worked on me I could literally hear tapping like someone was typing on a computer and the sound of things being deleted, almost like listening to a computer programmer at work. I had been feeling exhausted and completely drained of energy for the past month, and instantly became more focused and energised after the session . When I meditated for the first time afterwards I instantly began to connect with Gaia, I felt her energy surging through my body and saw colourful energy spirals and patterns. I feel more at peace, and connected with more inner strength and clarity of thought. I don’t often recommend people but would not hesitated to recommend Becky if you want to escape the Matrix and start walking your true path.Thank you for the review Amelya ❤️

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    A.I.Beings And Matrix Manipulation

    Diamonds! Consciousness is held within side a structure that looks like a diamond. Withinside each diamond is pure consciousness that radiates out pure consciousness. These diamonds are within the physical body and also outside the physical body creating an environment that is in peace and harmony and very protective. This is also what connects us with each other and Gaia (mother earth)

    When I look at individuals many have very little diamonds (consciousness) left within them. These diamonds is the source of all beauty, so this is a massive threat to the matrix.

    The matrix turns individuals within this reality into artificial intelligent beings, they may look and feel human, but they have very little consciousness left within them. People are consumed by AI programs which is all the fears, insecurities and dense emotions we feel. We wouldnt have these feelings if it wasn’t for the matrix. These programs that humanity is carrying are put there by the matrix. These programs diminishes the consciousness within us. Without these AI programs this reality would be Heaven On Earth.

    We also radiate out these AI programs and we project this energy on to others. Most of the time this is done unintentionally as it’s unconscious but I have encountered and helped others who have been targeted by people who do this intentionally. When I see these bubbles, I see numbers flowing through them, just like on the computer screen in the Matrix Movies.

    The people who do this intentionally are agents for the Matrix, very much like the agent Smith’s in The Matrix Movie. These agent Smith’s are fully aware of what they are doing to individuals, as it’s their only purpose. These people draw off energy (consciousness) from other humans likes vampires. They create artificial energy bubbles and place this around other people they want to control. This artificial energy cuts them off from the natural world, which has a massive negative impact on them. Reality becomes very difficult as they are cut off from the natural world and placed in a matrix bubble. These bubbles intensify the AI programs one is carrying and be the cause of a lot of misfortune situations to arise, instead of harmony and abundance, it causes disharmony and lack of abundance. The energy also causes interference with electrics as it seems to be electric in nature, so I bet this energy can be measured somehow. The victims to this technology are very much in prison but totally unaware that they are. This artificial energy that surrounds them keeps them on a path that causes a lot of emotional turmoil, which keeps the consciousness very low within the body and therefore it’s very hard for people to see what is going on. They become so consumed with the AI programs that they can’t see the bigger picture.

    The reason we have duality within this reality is because the matrix can’t survive without consciouness but consciousness is also its biggest threat!

    However I have found away of releasing the individuals from the grips of their handlers and others who project their energy onto others and it is simple.

    Connecting with Gaia, I piece a hole within the electric matrix bubble so Gaia can venture through, her energy dismantles this matrix energy. I then place diamonds within and around the matrix victim, giving back their consciousness, which is rightly theirs. Peace, harmony is restored and they are free from matrix control.

    I also find their consciousness within the matrix, the consciousness where they are projecting from and move the consciousness outside of the matrix so they are projecting from a place of safety.To gain our true reality we need to be projecting only consciousness as that is when we will see our true reality and massive changes will take place. It is time to take our reality back!!!

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    Workings Of The Matrix

    In the last 3 weeks my life has been turned upside down. I have started to see more of reality and it’s not pretty. However understanding more on how the matrix operates and therefore being able to pass that information on to you can only be good.

    The matrix is a egg shaped hollow machine. Within the matrix is consciouness and machine. The consciousness is hooked up to machines when it becomes dense enough to do so. Consciousness in its natural state is like air, no form no density, waves of beautiful diamonds. I also believe there isn’t a source for consciouness like we have been led to believe, that consciouness is everywhere like air or water. We have been manipulated to believe of heaven or source to keep ourself within the matrix programming like dangling a carrot so we keep on playing the game.

    This reality is a projection that consciousness is projecting within itself. However this projection is so dense that it’s just as real as the consciouness within side the matrix, which is hooked up to machines. There are many projections one can be living at anyone one time. Seeing a consciouness within side the machine, it can actually project as many as 8 different realities and these realities are interconnected with each other. So you can be a human in this reality and a E.Ts in another reality at the same time. You can be living a reality where you are a E.T attacking your human self. How crazy is that!!! These realities are not real, just projections, but they do seem so real. It’s funny to me now that I for the last 2 years have been helping people from ET attacks and all I have been doing is going into their projections which is like going into their computer game and rearranging it so the game becomes more easier. Lol

    Real reality is we are plugged into machines within the matrix. This happens once the consciouness becomes dense enough to be hooked up to these machines. This is one way they feed off us.

    They have also implanted A.I programs within us all, so they can attack the projection and make the consciousness so dense that we can be eaten. You may wonder what it is that is within us that is A.I. DNA!! DNA is what they directly attack within us, as consciousness can not be attacked. A.I attacks A.I so in order for them to do that they have to place A.I within us and this is why we have DNA. DNA did not exist prior to the matrix. We do not need DNA. DNA is only there so it holds all the low dense emotions, illnesses, past life memories, basically all the A.I programs. It’s keep us not in the NOW rather in the emotional past or in the future. We then pass this down to our children. The DNA is held within the spine and radiates out within the body. Taking the DNA out of the spine, you lose a massive amount of emotional weight, insecurities and become a lot lighter.

    When one awakens and goes of course this is when life becomes alot harder. This is when one starts to exsperience attacks at full force. I have exsperienced a range of attacks that I could write many blogs on, but I now know that they have been directly attacking the DNA. When a machine attacks the DNA, they bring all the insecurities, emotions to the surface and they do this to the people around you also. The machines manipulate us to attack one another. When they are unable to manipulate you in the way they want they will directly attached a machine to you. This causes a direct attack on your nervous system and drains you of your energy. The machines are programmed to attack certain DNA which is how they target certain families.

    Tinnitus that we exsperience is actually the sounds of the machines.

    I know this as since viewing and gaining this information this is what I have directly exsperienced and also directly see with people. The machines directly attached to the back of the head and spine. These machines are directly attached to the matrix. Thankfully I can detach, where before I would just have to put up with these attack but now I can stop them.

    Chakras are also just a fake projection. Behind the fake projection of chakras are diamonds. These diamonds hold pure consciouness and we all should have many of them within our physical bodies. These diamonds are our pure self and this shines out harmony, balance, peace and joy. The chakras that people feel and see is just fake programs to take us off course. Many people have very little consciouness (diamonds) left within their physical, as they have been eaten up by the AI programs. This is what we need to gain back and we can. I have seen these dimonds encased in darkness or hold dark attachments. They need to be restored back to their original beautiful self. Please all the healers out there, look behind the chakras and look for the diamonds. These needs to be restored back to their original self.

    Another thing I searched for within the matrix was Gaia. I was expecting to find a massive mass of consciousness well in fact she is a large diamond which you could hold in the palm of your hand. They have been unable to penetrate her with machines. However I discovered they they have instead placed geometric shape (AI programs) on top of her within this projection. This stops wealth and abundance shining through. Gaia’s energy is the energy of wealth and abundance and these programs placed on her stop that shining through. I have dismantled a few of these using consciouness. I suspect crop circles are programs placed on Gaia also as being geometric shape I suspect it’s isn’t of our value or Gaia’s and part of the matrix.If this information resonate please share.

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    Reality Is A Reflection Of What Is Happening Inside The Matrix

    Consciousness in its natural state has no form. It’s light like air and sparkles, a crystalline sparkle. It is nothing but can create anything! It’s an incredible energy, that each sparkle can potentially create a universe within it.

    Prior to AI beliefs invading consciousness we had projected earth and all within and around her, living in a land of wealth and abundance. Consciousness in its natural state can only project pure beauty as that is what consciousness is, beauty!!!

    This projection we are experiencing as in our reality is a projection of what the machines are doing to consciouness within side the matrix and this is reflected within this reality.

    When consciouness enters into the matrix, its light, no form, no AI beliefs. This is no use to the AI machines or the spiders or the beings over seeing the spiders. They need the consciousness to become dense to the point where it’s completely solid. This is the reason they are constantly at work, traumatising consciouness with programming and other forms of abuse. The reason being is once the consciouness becomes solid due to all the abuse, it is then edible. The Spiders which live on top of the matrix and within the matrix eat consciouness which is why murder is reflected into this reality. The humanoid beings which look after the spiders eat the spiders on certain rituals. We live in a farm and we are the cattle!

    The reason the farming industry is the way it is, is because it’s a reflection on what is happening to consciousness within side the matrix.

    We are experiencing a reflection and we are all trying to tell each other what is happening to consciouness within this reflection. If A.I and the spiders wasn’t traumatising us we would reflect just beauty.

    The reason we have believed for so long that heaven is above and hell is below us is because consciousness within the matrix when it’s still in its natural state it’s at the top of the matrix, it’s had very little interference, it’s formless, it’s nothing but the potential to be anything, heaven!!!. The machines start working away. The abuse inflicted on consciouness changes its form and once the consciouness has become, dense, heavy, solid and lost its natural state, it’s then ready to be digested by these spiders. This consciouness is found at the bottom of the matrix as there is a feeding ground for the spiders, hell!!

    This also ties in with the belief that of ascension. Many people believe that if we work on our beliefs and spiritual self then we ascend which is kind of true as the lighter we become through breaking down our beliefs then we are not ripe enough to eat. However even in the natural state we are still inside a machine that works continually to keep consciousness from knowing the truth and inflicting trauma within it.

    The machines are always thinking, reason being its always one step behind consciouness because consciouness can create and therefore is able to outsmart the machines. Consciousness doesn’t have to think, it’s all knowing, it just has to be. Consciousness doesn’t have to work or figure anything out. Machines always have to work and figure what consciouness is gonna do next. This is reflected in our reality also.Everything in our reality is a reflection of what consciousness is exsperiencing inside the matrix.